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Board Agendas

Board of Directors Meeting
Bill Mitchell Complex
308 SW 2nd Street, Lindsay 73052

  1. 12:00 pm Tuesday November 14th, 2017


    1. Roll Call and declaration of quorum
    2. Approval of Board Minutes*

    October 31, 2017 Meeting

    1.   Business *
          1. Discuss/Action/Approve: 340B Policy Manual*
          2. Discuss/Action/Approve: 3rd Party Administrator Contract with Rx Strategies*     
          3. Discuss/Action/Approve: Fee Scale Update*  
          4. Discuss/Action/Approve: 2018 Proposed Board Dates*
          5. Discuss/Action/Approve: Purchase of Building*
          6. Proposed Executive Session: 25 Okla. Stat. Section 307.B.1 *
            1. Vote to convene in executive session to discuss compensation, employment, hiring, appointment, promotion, demotion, disciplining, resignation or termination of employment of all South Central Medical & Resources employees, as allowed by 25 Okla. Stat. § 307.B.1.
          7. Reconvene in open session
            1. Acknowledgment of returning to open session.
            2. Executive session compliance announcement
              1. Identification of those present during executive session.
              2. Identification of items discussed in executive session.
              3. Confirmation that no action was taken in executive session.
    2. Strategic Plan Update
    3. Patient Satisfaction Report
    4. Quality Improvement Report
    5. Financial/Compliance Report
    6. Review of Committee memberships and consideration of and vote to fill any vacant committee positions.*
    7. New Business
    8. Next Meeting  December 12th, 2017 @ 12:00pm at SCMRC Administrative Boardroom
    9. Adjournment*

    Requires Board Vote*

    (State of Oklahoma)
    (County of Garvin)

I, the undersigned, certify that this agenda was posted at the South Central Medical Center Lindsay and on the SCMC web site (, at 12:00pm, on Friday, April 21st, 2017, in accordance with the Oklahoma Open Meeting Act.

Lacy L. Curry
Operations Director


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